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For more than 30 years, HD Supply Hardware Solutions' fastener programs have been the industry model. Today, HD Supply Hardware Solutions continues to deliver fresh, innovative solutions to our partners through exclusive product features, flexible merchandising and impactful packaging. Everything we do is focused on improving retail efficiency, competitive advantage and profitability to help ensure our customer’s long-term success.

Retail Efficiency Operational Excellence – 98%+ Fill Rates

HD Supply Hardware Solutions method of production and delivery are among the hardware industry’s most efficient and reliable. Through four strategically placed distribution centers, orders are processed, filled and delivered with over 99% fill rates and order accuracy. You can be confident your stores will receive the right product at the right time.

Field Sales & Service – Adding Value at Every Turn

Great programs generate greater returns when they receive expert attention and support. Today, there’s no more knowledgeable or effective in-store service organization than HD Supply Hardware Solutions. Our experienced field representatives provide the insight and services necessary to keep turns high and costs low. Through hand-held wireless technology they can order to “rate of sale”, provide PO management visibility and track shipments. Optimal inventory levels are derived from both product and store sales velocity.

Smaller Buy Packs – Reduces Inventory and Increases Turns

Buy packs for most packaged and boxed items are offered in quantities that are 50% lower than the industry standard. Buy pack quantities have been tailored to your lowest volume locations; however, with customized replenishment limits you can be assured higher volume stores will be stocked.

Versatile Bin System – A Perfect Fit

HD Supply Hardware Solutions' fastener bins are designed for easy shopping, faster stocking and driving more sales per linear foot. The flexible 2ft wide cabinets fit neatly in 4ft increments (between the gondola uprights) and accommodate single, double and full-width drawers. This allows you to reduce inventory on low velocity SKUs and provide additional space for higher-volume or new items.

Competitive Advantage Exclusive Head Codes – Smartest Way to Manage Inventory

HD Supply Hardware Solutions' exclusive head codes on all bolts and lag screws are a powerful inventory control innovation that harmonizes product, labels and point-of-sale systems. A unique three-letter alpha code is printed clearly on the top of each product so they can be individually identified and tracked, eliminating register mis-rings and customer writing errors. Head codes dramatically increase efficiency and profits by decreasing average checkout time by 175%, improving accuracy through the register by 3X and ensuring precise inventory management.

Exclusive Rust-oleum® Branded Products – Drives Up-sell Opportunities

Rust-oleum® is one of hardware’s most trusted and sought after brands, with over 96% consumer awareness. This added benefit differentiates commodity based products and provides an opportunity to up-sell your customer. Most galvanized and stainless steel fasteners carry the Rust-oleum® logo and indicate that the product meets their exacting standards for preventing rust and corrosion. This not only increases your margin but also drives higher ticket averages. This incremental profit opportunity with Rust-oleum® branded products is another HD Supply Hardware Solutions exclusive.

Impactful Packaging and Merchandising – Easier to Shop and Easier to Buy

Our merchandising solutions reflect two core company principles: keep it simple, keep it smart. Obvious color differences between products and categories make items easier to identify and easier to buy. Customer-friendly package designs include finish and grade icons, and come in boxed, poly bags and crown packs. All elements from packaging to POP work in harmony to stimulate, motivate and educate – giving customers an unforgettably seamless and satisfying shopping experience – what we call "shop-ability".

Profitability Ready for more than just products?

As the supplier of choice for leading retailers, HD Supply Hardware Solutions knows that a true partner supplies more than just products. Everything we do – every service, every program, and every innovation is geared toward generating new sales, increasing margins or reducing costs. At HD Supply Hardware Solutions we supply retail success through retail efficiency, competitive advantage and ultimately increased profitability.

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