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Rod and Steel continues to play an integral role in the Home Improvement and Residential Markets. With years of industry experience HD Supply Hardware Solutions has assembled a diverse product offering to satisfy many customer needs. Shoppers can select from 200 plus SKUs which include: Angle, Flat, Square Tube, Round Rods, Threaded Rods, Sheet Metal, Expanded Metal and Accessories.

Furthermore, HD Supply Hardware offers the customer the ability to obtain additional or out of the ordinary products via its Special Orders Program.

Retail Efficiency Operational Excellence – over 98% Fill Rates

HD Supply Hardware Solutions' method of production and delivery are among the hardware industry’s most efficient and reliable. Through four strategically placed distribution centers, orders are processed, filled and delivered with over 98% fill rates and order accuracy. You can be confident your stores will received the right product at the right time.

Field Sales & Service – Adding Value at Every Turn

Great programs generate greater returns when they receive expert attention and support. Today, there’s no more knowledgeable or effective in-store service organization than HD Supply Hardware Solutions'. Our experienced field representatives provide the insight and services necessary to keep turns high and costs low. Through hand-held wireless technology they can order to “rate of sale”, provide PO management visibility and track shipments. Optimal inventory levels are derived from both product and store sales velocity.

Smaller Buy Packs – Reduces Inventory and Increases Turns

HD Supply Hardware Solutions' ability to leverage its customer base provides multiple product options to help bolster sales. We work diligently to ensure your costs are low and margins are high. Rod & Steel buy packs quantities are available in various sizes in order to accommodate low and high volume stores.

Competitive Advantage Easy Shopping, Easy Stocking

A category like Rod and Steel possesses its fair share of merchandising challenges. Crown Bolt’s newly designed 4 foot and 8 foot steel racking system is engineered to ensure products can be easily shopped and stocked. Each racking system provides ample space for product storage and allows the customer to have easy access to the product.

Additionally, our merchandising systems integrate clear and concise POP that guides the customer to the desired products and provides supplemental information to assist with the selection process. Finally, numbered labels facilitate fast and easy stocking and reduces contamination within the set.

Profitability Ready for more than just products?

As a supplier of choice for leading retailers, HD Supply Hardware Solutions knows that a true partner supplies more than just products. Everything we do – every service, every program, and every innovation is geared toward generating new sales, increasing margins or reducing costs. At HD Supply Hardware Solutions we supply retail success through retail efficiency, competitive advantage and ultimately increased profitability.